Divorced Co-Parenting

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Co-Parenting Classes at Live Oak

Participants DO NOT attend with their co-parents!


Co-parents are encouraged to enroll with their current partners

For more information or to register:
Call Alisa at 916-933-5011 or email her at alisa@LiveOakCenterEDH.com

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Teacher Alisa Jaffe Holleron, LCSW, is an experienced psychotherapist and author of "An Unexpected Journey: The Road to Power and Wisdom in Divorced Co-Parenting." She became interested in divorced co-parenting after going through a divorce. She found that the resources available did not address the difficult emotions she was experiencing and recognized that in order to parent and co-parent more effectively she would have to learn to work with her anger, frustration and resentment. She has been passionate about working with divorced co-parents and sharing the tools that she has discovered, both though her own experience and the many co-parents she has worked with over the years.She has had articles published on Huffington Post, Mothering Magazine and Yahoo Shine website.

An Unexpected Journey Book Cover

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What people are saying
about the book and class:

"This course gave me confidence to cope, reflect and then re-group so that I could go out and deal with the many issues in front of me. There may never be a going back but there always is a moving forward."

"Not only did I read the book, but I took Alisa's 8 week co-parenting course. It was literally life changing. Not only can I identify my own triggers, but that of my ex, my son and it has also helped with the rest of my work and personal life. I can not say enough wonderful things about this course and the book."

"An Unexpected Journey is so valuable because it does not set unrealistic expectations or pass judgement on co-parents about what they are doing wrong. Instead, co-parents are given real tools to work with the very real and intense emotions that all people naturally experience during a divorce when children are involved."