Low Cost Therapy

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We are committed to offering affordable services to the community.


As low as $15 per session

Therapy with a certified intern is a great affordable alternative in psychotherapy. Our interns have graduate degrees, are certified by the California Board of Behavior Sciences and are working toward their license by completing a designated number of hours of supervised professional experience. We screen our interns very carefully, and only accept interns that are highly skilled, mature, and exhibit a high degree of self-understanding and compassion.


Initial visit: $25.00

Subsequent visits: Sliding scale of $60-$120 FOR FOUR VISITS. In other words, you purchase four sessions at a time and pay between $60 and $120 for all four sessions.($15-$30 per session). You decide the amount that is reasonable for you within that span. We ask that you pay the highest amount that is affordable to you. If you prefer not to purchase four sessions, single sessions are $45.